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Meet Our Staff

Executive Team
Ryan Gremore
President & General Manager
Shelley Kelly
Executive Assistant
Shelley has been a loyal employee of O’Brien Mitsubishi for about four years. She is very helpful, detail oriented, and just a great person to know. With the expansion and growth of the O’Brien Auto Team, Shelley is transitioning into a new role: Executive Assistant to Ryan Gremore! “This is an exciting time. I’m glad to help support Ryan and see him be successful,” Shelley said. Shelley was born and raised in Bloomington and currently lives in the area. Shelley and her husband Charlie live just outside of town on a 25 acre farm with their two dogs; Tucker and Molly. In her free time, Shelley likes to work in the garden, try out new recipes, and go fishing with Charlie in their pond. They enjoy taking long weekends to visit their condo in the Ozarks and spending time with their seven grandchildren. Thank you for all of your hard work, Shelley! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family!
Carrie Johansen
Office Manager
Carrie is an essential part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi team as our Office Manager. She previously worked in several positions including billing, warranty, accounts receivable/payable. In total, she’s been a vital and loyal employee at O’Brien Mitsubishi for over 16 years now. “I’m looking forward to the dealership expansion as well as the summertime,” Carrie said. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family, home decorating, and cooking. She also loves to shop, eat pizza, and visit Chicago. She loves warm weather but her favorite season is autumn. Carrie enjoys catching up on celebrity gossip, watching scary movies and shows like Supernatural. Carrie is such a hard worker and a great person to be around. We are lucky to have her as part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family!
Paul Hepp
Digital Marketing Director
I have 1 son that I love with all my heart, that keeps me busy! :)
I love soccer, and have spent numerous years coaching.
Angela Segneri
Human Resources Director
Bill Norton
Used Car Director
Bill is helpful, reliable, and very detail-oriented. He is also known for his dry sense of humor, which always gives people a chuckle. Bill and his wife Linda have two sons, Taylor and Nick. Their family also has a dog and six cats! This summer, Bill has enjoyed driving his 2013 Anniversary Screamin’ Eagle Harley Davidson around Memphis and Nashville. Fun fact; only 900 of these models were made and it is definitely in the right hands of an avid Harley Davidson fan. Bill may or may not have two tattoos to prove it. Along with motorcycles, Bill loves Nascar and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. trivia. In the future, Bill would love to move to Tennessee to work on his tan. How does one become friends with Bill? Offer him either of his two favorite foods: steak and pizza. Thank you, Bill, for all your hard work and dedication all these years. We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Team family!
Alec McKean
Service Director
Scott Gundy
Wholesale Manager
Scott has worked for O’Brien Mitsubishi for 13 years as our Used Car Manager! He is a very hard worker and always brings laughter and excitement to the store. From Washington, Ill., Scott and his wife Beth lost their home in the tornado in 2013 but they have since moved back to the area and we’re happy to see them thriving again. Scott always keeps a positive attitude even through the challenges life brings. Scott and Beth have been married for 35 years and they have a daughter, Laura, and a son, Andrew. Their beautiful granddaughter Margaret was born in 2016 who they love to spend time with. Scott and Beth also have a golden retriever named Daisy, who recently turned one, as well as a Siamese cat named Norman. Norman has taken on the nickname ‘Stormin Norman’ because he was gone for 12 days after the tornado hit Washington and he survived! In his free time, Scott enjoys riding his bike with his friends when the weather is nice and he likes to work outside in the backyard, landscaping and gardening. His favorite sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Cubs. Thanks, Scott, for all your years of hard work and dedication! We’re happy you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Donna Castle
Store Managers
Steven McCarthy
General Manager
(309) 452-8222
Steven McCarthy is the General Manager of O’Brien Mitsubishi. A transition made easy, he says, by the nationally recognized dealership. McCarthy has worked in the car business for 16 years, 10 of those years with the O’Brien Auto Team. During that time he has worked as a sales professional, back-up F&I, Business Manager, General Sales Manager, and General Manager. He says the O’Brien Auto Team sets itself apart from other dealer groups because it has all the opportunities of a large dealer group, but the individual attention and feel of a smaller dealership. McCarthy says, “leadership [Ryan Gremore] puts family and faith first, allowing us to focus on building relationships with customers and employees.” Attributing his success in the car business to building relationships, McCarthy says there is no greater feeling than helping people accomplish their goals. His advice for everyone striving for success is to pay attention to the small stuff. “It's the little things that can really make a difference, or can grow into larger things if not attended to-- pay attention to those”. When he’s not at O’Brien Mitsubishi, Steven lives with his wife of 20 years in LeRoy, IL. His four children: Tyler (19), Teagan (8), Payton (6), and Branna (4) keep him plenty busy. In his spare time Steven is an avid Chicago Cubs fan.
Kurt Silcott
Sales Manager
Kurt is originally from Westchester, New York, where he was born and raised. He went to Nazareth College in Rochester as well as St. John Fisher College, where he was a wide receiver for its football team, the Cardinals. His career thereafter consisted of managing the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bandits. Kurt has led many college sports teams and has worked almost every aspect of the sports industry. Every day Kurt misses and loves the game of football. Currently, his favorite team is the L.A. Rams. Kurt has a lovely wife, Chantelle, who is a flight attendant for WestJet. Together they have two daughters, Jada and Shiyah.
Billy Sweet
Business Manager
Brandon Kessinger
Service Director
Brandon Kessinger is the service director for O’Brien Hyundai and O’Brien Mitsubishi. Brandon has worked at O’Brien Hyundai for about 16 years and got his Associates in Automotive Technology from University Technical Institute. Brandon is one of the most skilled technicians in the industry and we are lucky to have his insight and leadership at our service departments! We all love his sense of humor and welcoming personality, as well. “I like to help customers take care of their vehicles and make their ownership experience both simple and enjoyable,” Brandon said. From Bloomington-Normal, Brandon enjoys spending time with his family and their Pitbull named Rosco. In his free time, he likes to participate in stock car racing, fishing, and visiting theme parks like Six Flags and the Wisconsin Dells. Brandon is always open to trying new foods and can give excellent recommendations for local sushi spots! Thank you, Brandon, for all you do! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Team family.
Tyler Mcternen
Parts Director
Tyler’s favorite part about working for the O’Brien Auto Team is the morale between coworkers. “The people are nice and you can tell they want to be here. That makes it not hard to come to work,” he said. Originally from Pekin, Ill., Tyler now resides in Delavan with his wife Jessica and their kids Nicholas, Noah, and Xzavier. In his free time, Tyler enjoys being involved in the Boy Scouts with his sons, camping, and Jeep off-roading. Thanks you, Tyler, for all the hard work and your positive attitude! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Team family.
Sales Professionals
Jay Miller
Internet Manager
Kate Morris
Sales Professional
Kate was raised in Marshall, IL but currently lives in town. On her days off, she is usually found back in Marshall spending time with her father, Bob Morris, nephew Denny, and his three children Gage (9), Maddie (11), and Drew (17). Kate grew up in a very athletic family and grew a love for sports at a young age. Kate played basketball growing up and continued playing throughout college. Kate is a huge fan of the ISU Redbird athletics and closely follows the ISU Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams. When Kate isn’t following her favorite teams, she likes to travel and visit her nephew, D.J., who lives in Arizona with his children Izabelle and Dalton. Kate has been with O’Brien Mitsubishi since 1991! She is one of our most dedicated and loveable employees and we are lucky to have her around. “She always warms your heart and makes you smile,” says salesman Scott Lovett. It would be hard to imagine O’Brien Mitsubishi without Kate Morris!
Seth Steidinger
Sales Professional
Before he came to the dealership, Seth worked at the Mitsubishi Motors North America plant, where he learned how Mitsubishis are built. “I helped build and install at pretty much every department and watched the high attention to detail these cars are built with. It helps increase trust in the brand when I can vouch for the quality,” he said. Seth’s favorite part of the job is, “helping people get into better situations. Many of my customers are thrilled to be buying their first ever brand new car,” Seth said. Service Manager Alec McKean has also been impressed with the time and dedication Seth puts in his work. “I can tell he really cares about his customers and wants to take care of them, not only financially, but making sure they have a vehicle that will take them from point A to point B safely and economically,” Alec said. From Forrest, Ill., Seth enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Brittany, and their Great Pyrenees named Luna. He also likes to go to the shooting range and follow the Chicago Bears and the Michigan Wolverines. Thanks Seth, for everything you bring to the dealership! We’re happy you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Cory Raley
Sales Professional
James Rule
Sales Professional
Chris Todd
Sales Professional
In his free time, Chris loves to attend various sporting events in town, like Bloomington Thunder Hockey and the Normal CornBelters. He has three pet Terriers, named Angel, Maddie, and Petey. Chris also enjoys watching action and Sci-Fi movies. Thank you, Chris, for your dedication to O’Brien Mitsubishi and all the work that you do!
Joshua Martinez
Sales Professional
Josh takes a unique approach to his career when describing what he does. “I do work in sales, but I don’t think of it that way. I solve problems for my customers. I am a professional and I work hard to fit the needs of my customers. I enjoy taking scattered pieces of an intricate puzzle and helping put those pieces together,” Joshua said. “Sometimes it takes some creativity and willingness to go the extra mile to make it work for my customers. Those are the stories of triumphant success that I love to bring home to my family and have in my portfolio,” Joshua says. Joshua has earned many accolades for his excellent work, but sitting in his office you might notice there are no trophies displayed. “I want to remain humble at work, so I don’t store my awards in the office. My trophies are at home, where my children can see them and know that their dad is successful,” he said. Being a good role model is important to Joshua. “I believe in serving others and bringing the good out in others. True success comes from being pure within. The more I help others, the more I learn,” he mentioned. In his free time, Joshua loves to hang out with his wife, Allison, and his five daughters, Sabreja, Jadiana, Vitalia, Selah, and Sage. Thank you, Joshua, for all that you do! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Nissan family.
Tyler Wright
Sales Professional
Wyatt Phillis
Sales Professional
Andrew Greene
Sales Professional
Will Van Winkle
Van Winkle
Sales Professional
Srini Reddy Poondru
Srini Reddy
Community Relations Director
Dave Davis
Wholesale Coordinator
Anthony Schmidt
Sales Porter
Jaleel Holmes
Sales Porter
Service Center
Janel Debord
Assistant Service Manager
Brennen Hish
Service Advisor
Bill Danosky
Service Advisor Assistant
Bill has been a sales professional in the car industry for his entire “adult” life. Since 1995, Bill has been practicing the art of sales. He is known around the dealership for his great work ethic; anything you ask him to do, he will do it right away. He also brings a calm and thoughtful perspective that we value. He resides in Bloomington and has two sons, both in their 20s. His “daughter” is a pug named Abigail E. Rigby, who frequently visits the dealership. Abigail is now three and a half years old. Outside of work, Bill enjoys riding horses, mediating, and instructing an Aikido class. He also has been renovating his 1935 Italianate two story house! When we asked Bill his favorite part of the job, he said, “I get to meet a variety of people on a daily basis. My customers are like family and are very important to me.” Thank you Bill for being a great and committed employee!
Rich Utter
Master Elite Technician
We are very excited to celebrate Rich’s 30th work anniversary with O’Brien Mitsubishi! Rich has actually worked here since we first opened, thirty years ago. His professional job title is “Elite Master Technician” and he deserves it! "I'm proud of Rich and his accomplishments while being part of our organization. I'm also proud of our entire team that works together and encourages people to be loyal to our company. Without a culture like the one we have, we wouldn't have great stories like Rich Utter's. Congratulations Rich and thank you!” said Ryan Gremore, President and General Manager of the O’Brien Auto Team. We had a delicious potluck for lunch this afternoon for Rich with great food and cake. Living right here in Bloomington, Rich can be seen riding around the streets on his dark cherry Harley Davidson. He is a huge fan of Harleys, and the one he rides now is the fourth one he has owned over the years. When he isn’t working in the Service Department, Rich is hanging out with friends, playing golf, and working on his motorcycles. Rich has two wonderful daughters, Jessica and Shelby, and is a big Chicago Bears fan. Thanks for thirty years of fun, Rich! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Chris Gordon
Chris has been a Technician in the Service Department for 25 years and has certainly reached expert status! Along with his wealth of knowledge, Chris adds to the well-established culture of O’Brien Mitsubishi with his fun and easy going personality. “I enjoy what I do and I think our Service Department stands out from other places because the technicians here collectively have over 100 years of experience,” Chris said. “It’s nice that we don’t run into many problems with Mitsubishis because of their high quality,” he added. From McLean, Ill., Chris and his wife Barb have three kids and eight grandchildren. In his free time he enjoys hunting, going to the shooting range, fishing, camping, and off-roading in his Jeep. Chris is also a big time carnivore; he loves eating steak, lobster, shrimp and much more! Thank you, Chris, for all of your hard work! We love having you around and we’re happy you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Bill Condor
John Horner
John has been an amazing Technician for the O’Brien Mitsubishi Service Department for 21 years. We can rely on him to do great work and we always appreciate his presence around the dealership. From McLean, Ill., John loves to spend time with his two children, Rachel and Anthony as well as his two grandchildren, Carmen and Erica. He also has a cat named Bonnie. In his free time, John enjoys completing home improvement projects and watching his favorite sports teams, the Cubs, Bears, and the Bulls. “My favorite part of the job here in the Service Department is the satisfaction of taking care of our customers,” John said. Thank you, John, for all of your hard work over the years! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Matt Builta
Marx Edmonds
Express Technician
Barry Cannon
Service Porter
Tom Tyson
Shuttle Driver
Ed Parker
Shuttle Driver
Ed Parker is a shuttle driver for O’Brien Mitsubishi. Ed has been with us for about two years and we appreciate everything he does around the dealership! “The best part of my job is that I get to talk to customers. Providing transportation while they get their vehicle serviced is a huge convenience and makes their lives easier,” Ed said. From Ellsworth, Ill., Ed enjoys spending time with his wife, Connie, and his adult children, Kristy and Cody. In his free time, he likes to golf and play cards. Ed is a big fan of the Chicago Bears and the St. Louis Cardinals. You can often find him jamming out to oldies rock ‘n’ roll. Thank you, Ed, for all that you do! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Parts & Accessories
Matt Wood
Assistant Parts Manager
Matt is an excellent employee with a photographic memory for parts information, parts numbers, and more! Parts Manager Tyler Mcternen says he refers to Matt as the “Rain Man” of the Parts Department. “In all my years of working in parts, I’ve never come across personnel who can rattle off parts knowledge as quickly as Matt. It’s amazing,” Tyler said. Matt is a happily married man who is looking forward to celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary in October! Matt and his wife Tara have two beautiful daughters; Breanna who is 9 years old and Adyson who is 6 years old. He enjoys spending time with his family and keeping up with his favorite sports teams; the 49ers, White Sox, and Black Hawks. Thank you to Matt for all of your hard work and expertise! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Curtis Taylor
Parts Specialist
From Eureka, Ill., Curtis enjoys fishing and playing around with remote control cars and trucks. He has a German Shepard Rottweiler mix named Buck who is seven months old. Curtis likes rock and old country music. His favorite food is mac and cheese. Thanks, Curtis, for all you do! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Customer Care Center
Polly Streenz
Deby Dameron
Ashlea Morgan
Emily Austiff
Stacia Murphy
Stacia is one of our amazing Night Cashiers who has been with O’Brien Mitsubishi for almost two years. We love her friendly face and great customer service. “I’d say the best parts of the job are my coworkers and the customers I get to interact with,” Stacia said. Originally from Morton, Ill., Stacia now lives in Bloomington. During the day, she works as a teacher’s aide for The Baby Fold/Hammitt School. In her free time, Stacia enjoys spending time with her husband Burt, their six kids, and two grandchildren. They also have several pet birds, including a parrot named Larry who is 29 years old. “There’s never a dull or quiet moment at our house!” Stacia mentioned. She definitely fits right in with the many animal lovers at the dealership. Thank you, Stacia, for contributing so much to the culture here! We’re happy you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Annette Ogborn
Warranty Clerk
Annette has been our Warranty Clerk for about a year and a half! Holding down the front office with the rest of the wonderful ladies, Annette is the shining face you see when paying for your vehicle’s service work. Her favorite part about working at O’Brien Mitsubishi is the people she works with and the customer service aspect of her job. Annette enjoys spending time outdoors, walking, camping, and taking care of her three pets. She has a dog named Sugar who is very sweet and well behaved. She also has two cats named Princess and Callie who are very friendly. Going out to eat in the Bloomington-Normal community is certainly ripe with a wide variety of choices. The shrimp fried rice from Grand Café in downtown Bloomington is one of Annette’s all-time favorite foods. Thank you for all of your hard work, Annette! We’re happy you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Carol Raines
Licenses and Titles
Bridget Huff
License & Title
Jennifer Keil
Administrative Specialist
Jen has been working for O’Brien Mitsubishi for about four years as a biller and she is very essential to the functioning of the business. We enjoy her fun personality around the office! “I like to take on new challenges and there is a lot of work to be done, but every day is different. I like numbers and contracts and forms, but I also enjoy seeing customers happy with their investment, so it’s neat to see both sides of the business,” Jen said. Originally from Detroit, Jen moved to Bloomington-Normal several years ago for graduate school at Illinois State University where she studied financial education and counseling. In her free time, Jen enjoys participating in Tough Mudder endurance events, which entails navigating through 10 to 13 miles of obstacle courses and more. She also rides motorcycles and likes to watch movies. Her favorite sports teams are the Detroit Lions, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, and the St. Louis Blues. Thank you, Jen, for all you do! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Mitsubishi family.
Krystn Anderson
Administrative Specialist
Jennifer Leingang
AP Professional
Joel Genthe
Marketing Team
Jamie Blevins
Digital Marketing Strategist
Paige Prehoda
Digital Marketing Specialist
Beth Roberts
Detail Coordinator/Safety Manager
Danny Humes
Sara Molck
Kailey Ford
Jamie Fulton
Detail Team Lead
James Childress
Detail Team Lead
Armend Zulbeari
Detail Technician
Customer Success Team
Gabrielle Pate
Customer Success Manager
Kristen Runyon
Customer Success Representative
Delfa Frank
Customer Success Representative
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