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What separates us and makes us
"Worth the Drive":

  • Modern Approach to Pricing
  • Hassle free shopping experience
  • Vehicle Pick-up and Delivery
  • Top rated dealership in the area
  • Service Reminders/Coupons sent to you directly to keep your vehicle in great shape
  • Customer focused

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The O'Brien Experience

Meet our Staff

Joshua Martinez
Sales Professional

Personal Information:
Josh takes a unique approach to his career when describing what he does. “I do work in sales, but I don’t think of it that way. I solve problems for my customers. I am a professional and I work hard to fit the needs of my customers. I enjoy taking scattered pieces of an intricate puzzle and helping put those pieces together,” Joshua said. “Sometimes it takes some creativity and willingness to go the extra mile to make it work for my customers. Those are the stories of triumphant success that I love to bring home to my family and have in my portfolio,” Joshua says. Joshua has earned many accolades for his excellent work, but sitting in his office you might notice there are no trophies displayed. “I want to remain humble at work, so I don’t store my awards in the office. My trophies are at home, where my children can see them and know that their dad is successful,” he said. Being a good role model is important to Joshua. “I believe in serving others and bringing the good out in others. True success comes from being pure within. The more I help others, the more I learn,” he mentioned. In his free time, Joshua loves to hang out with his wife, Allison, and his five daughters, Sabreja, Jadiana, Vitalia, Selah, and Sage. Thank you, Joshua, for all that you do! We’re glad you’re a part of the O’Brien Nissan family.

Mission Statement

"We are all about helping people make intelligent decisions to improve their lives. Whether it's helping someone find a vehicle that's more affordable, a vehicle that has more room for a growing family, or even helping someone get the information needed to decide that buying one of our vehicle's isn't the best decision for them. No matter what the reason is, we want to help people make good choices either way."