O’Brien Team Creed

  • We have a will to succeed, and we commit to doing our best every day.
  • We adhere to honesty and integrity. We will earn our customers’ trust and commit to keeping it for a lifetime.
  • We keep a clean work environment not only for our fellow teammates but for our customers as well.
  • We are good communicators, not only with our customers but with each other.
  • We take time daily to be professionally presentable to our customers. They should expect nothing less from us.
  • We train every day so we can provide good information to our customers.
  • We service our customers’ vehicles right the first time and understand the value of their time.
  • We are believers in the process. We know that process prevents mistakes and gets results.
  • We work at improving ourselves because we realize when the person is right the world is right.
  • We focus on learning and growth. We are open-minded to learn and are willing to help others learn too.
  • We know that attitude is a choice. We not only choose a positive attitude but we look for ways to change our day and the day of others for the better.
  • We celebrate the successes of our teammates, and we recognize them for their efforts.
  • We make plans and are not reactive because we know that planning is an important part of success.
  • We believe that if we help enough people change their lives, we will get every reward we want in our lives.
O'Brien Mitsubishi 40.5160174, -88.9558366,19.