Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned

You don’t have to pay a new car price to drive off in an agile Mitsubishi Mirage or a spacious Mitsubishi Outlander that drives like new. At O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal, we have plenty of certified pre-owned Mitsubishi cars that offer amazing driving experiences at low prices. You can head over to our Mitsubishi dealer near Peoria today to test drive some of our amazing Mitsubishi vehicles. Continue reading

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Exciting Safety Technology available in New Mitsubishi Cars

At O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal, we understand that maintaining safety on the road is the most important part of driving. That why when you visit our Mitsubishi dealer near Bloomington, you’ll find plenty of new Mitsubishi cars that include exciting advanced safety features. Visit us today to get a close look at available models that can help you avoid accidents while on the open road. Continue reading

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How We Can Help You Reach Your 2019 Driving Goals

2019 is your year to achieve your driving goals, and O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal can help you get there. Our Mitsubishi dealership near Bloomington isn’t just your local source for finding great new or used Mitsubishi cars, but we also take great care of our customers in terms of providing excellent car service, offering guidance for financing a Mitsubishi, and much more. Continue reading

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Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Unveiled

Tis the season for holiday gatherings and the unveiling of new and impressive vehicles. At O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal, we love showing off the new Mitsubishi cars that will be available in the future. If the thought of a Mitsubishi truck catches your attention, trust us, you’re not alone in that: meet the upcoming Mitsubishi L200. Continue reading

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The Big Year-End Wrap Up is Here!

It’s time for the Big Year-End Wrap Up at O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal. We’re celebrating the holiday season, we’re celebrating a new year ahead, and we’re celebrating having so many fantastic cars on our lot! Continue reading

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How to Prepare for the End of Your Lease

The end of a vehicle lease can sneak up on you if you aren’t keeping in tune with it. These leases usually last for a couple of years so you don’t have to worry right away about when it ends. It’s still smart to mark it in your calendar when it is due to expire. This will help you prevent any mistakes or winding up without a car for a couple of days. Continue reading

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Preparing for a Harsh Winter in Your Mitsubishi Lancer

The Mitsubishi Lancer is one of the most comfortable cars in the Mitsubishi lineup to own. The seats are comfortable, the entertainment is immense, and there’s plenty of features that will protect you from the harsh winter elements this year. Just make sure you bring your Mitsubishi Lancer to the service center at O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal before Old Man Winter rolls into Central Illinois.

Continue reading

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Coming Soon: New and Improved Infotainment in 2021 Mitsubishi Vehicles

If you’ve visited a Normal, IL Mitsubishi dealer lately, you know that our vehicles already come with advanced technology to make information and entertainment easier, thanks to features like touchscreens that easily sync with personal devices. But Mitsubishi automakers know there’s always room to make things even better, and thanks to a new partnership with Google, there are some big improvements coming to Mitsubishi infotainment. Continue reading

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Easy Ways to Improve your Dealership Experience

Here at your Bloomington area Mitsubishi car dealership, we’re always working towards making your car-buying experience the best it can be. From knowledgeable staff to affordable prices, we want your dealership experience to be easy and stress-free. But as much as we want to make everything perfect, there are a few things we can’t do. So today we wanted to give you a few tips for making your dealership experience go as smoothly as possible. Continue reading

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Find the Right Rideshare Vehicle at O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal

It seems like rideshares are getting more popular by the minute. With more and more people taking advantage of services like Uber and Lyft, drivers are looking for some extra income by driving for one of these companies. And that means that drivers need not only the perfect car for themselves, but the perfect car for their passengers as well. While almost any of our new cars can meet the basic requirements like four doors, space for four passengers, etc., we’ve got a couple models we think are particularly well-suited to ridesharing. Continue reading

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