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Best New Mitsubishi Cars for Families

November 5th, 2022 by
A family charging their 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

If you’re on the search for the best new Mitsubishi car for your family, look no further than O’Brien Mitsubishi. We make it our mission to match drivers with the perfect vehicles for their lifestyles. Here are some of our top picks for safe and fun family driving. 2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross at a Glance…

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2022 Mitsubishi Mirage Features for City Drivers

October 20th, 2022 by
Mitsubishi Mirage

When it comes to a Mitsubishi Mirage dealer who will match you with the perfect vehicle, look no further than O’Brien Mitsubishi. We aim to meet your specific needs, which is why we’re excited to share vehicles designed for city, open-road, and even off-road driving. Visit our dealership to check out some of the city-friendly…

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2023 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Family Features

October 10th, 2022 by
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross dealer

You’ll find a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross dealer you can rely on right here at O’Brien Mitsubishi. Our expert team will match you with the perfect vehicle for whatever the road ahead might hold, and we’ve got you covered when it comes to safe and fun family driving. Here are just a few of the top…

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Which New Mitsubishi Car is Best for My Needs?

October 5th, 2022 by
buy a new Mitsubishi

When you’re ready to buy a new Mitsubishi, look no further than O’Brien Mitsubishi. We carry a wide inventory of cars and SUVs to fit your driving needs, and we’ll match you with the perfect car for your lifestyle today. It can be difficult to know which model is the best fit. Here’s a closer…

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When Should I Get a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection?

September 20th, 2022 by
Car inspection

The best way to determine if your vehicle is operating at top capacity or if it needs repairs and replacements is to schedule a car inspection. Car inspections will let you and your car care team know what parts need service and will help to keep your car safe on every ride. Get the inspection…

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What Happens When You Skip Annual Service?

September 20th, 2022 by
Mitsubishi service

Here at O’Brien Mitsubishi, we make it easy to schedule Mitsubishi service and to order high-quality parts and accessories for repairs and upgrades. That’s because there’s just no better way to maintain your vehicle than with regular care, and we’re dedicated to protecting your vehicle on every ride.

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What Does Typical Car Service Include?

August 10th, 2022 by
Mitsubishi service

There are many benefits to scheduling routine Mitsubishi service and care, and O’Brien Mitsubishi is here to help you every step of the way. Routine service keeps your vehicle as safe as possible and reduces the need for costly repairs. It also helps to maintain vehicle value if you plan to sell in the future….

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Service Schedule

July 11th, 2022 by
2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

What makes the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross the perfect vehicle for your family? It’s sporty, capable, and designed with safety in mind from the ground up—and it’s available right here at O’Brien Mitsubishi. The best way to keep your Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross safe and reliable is with routine car service and care. The different parts and…

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Explore the Benefits of a Hybrid Vehicle

June 20th, 2022 by
hybrid cars

Are you ready to begin test driving hybrid cars? O’Brien Mitsubishi makes it easy. We’re here to help you on the journey to alternative energy driving, which is why we carry a wide inventory of low-impact models you’re sure to love. It’s also why we’re sharing information on the many benefits of driving a hybrid…

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What Makes the Mitsubishi Mirage Great for New Drivers?

May 4th, 2022 by
2022 Mitsubishi Mirage

The 2022 Mitsubishi Mirage is a stand-out vehicle for many reasons. It’s sporty, capable, and equipped with plenty of safe driving features that will give parents peace of mind on every ride. Find out what makes the Mitsubishi Mirage a good option for new drivers when you come down to O’Brien Mitsubishi.

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