Your Mitsubishi Dealer Debunks Five Common Car Myths

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Whether you’re a first-time shopper or a longtime driver, you’ve probably heard a few common car myths. Some are more believable than others, but they all have in common that they’re easily debunked by a Mitsubishi dealer, starting with the five myths below.

You Need Oil Changes Every 3,000 Miles

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Times have changed, and so have cars’ construction and the oil formulations they use. This “fact” was true once, but it isn’t anymore. Check your owner’s manual, but also know that the interval for your next Mitsubishi oil change is much longer now than it used to be.

Dirty Vehicles are More Fuel-Efficient

The idea behind this myth is that dirt, dust, and crud will work their way into a car’s cracks and crevices to reduce drag. However, the opposite is true; the dirtier a vehicle gets, the more likely it is to reduce fuel economy. This is due to the added weight that the crud brings and the clogging up and slowing down of certain car parts and systems.

Premium Fuel Equals Better Performance

Our Mitsubishi cars are fun to drive. But if you’ve wondered whether premium fuel will make yours even better to drive, the answer is no. Outside of specific luxury models that require premium fuel, putting premium gas in the tank of a car that only requires regular gas will not improve engine performance or responsiveness.

Large Vehicles are Safer than Small Ones

If you’re shopping for your next new or pre-owned Mitsubishi SUV, you might think a large vehicle is safer than a small one. After all, most people assume larger vehicles are safer because they’re heavier and have larger front and back bumpers and thicker side plating/paneling. However, well-engineered and outfitted with cutting-edge driver assistance systems, a small car can equal or exceed a large automobile’s safety.

Manual Transmissions are More Fuel-Efficient than Automatic Transmissions

This might have been true a few decades ago, but it’s a myth nowadays. The automatic transmissions in today’s cars are highly sophisticated, integrating more gear ratios than the transmissions of yesteryear, which means smoother, more balanced shifting and greatly improved gas mileage. In fact, depending on the model, automatic transmissions can even be more fuel-efficient than their manual counterparts.

Get Car Ownership Facts (not Myths) From O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal

If you want to work with one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable car dealers in Illinois, choose O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal. We’ll clear up all car-related misconceptions and myths for you and help you into a dependable car you’ll love.

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