What is Mitsubishi Ralliart?

October 23rd, 2023 by

Mitsubishi Mirage Ralliart

Mitsubishi and performance have long been synonymous. But when you add the term “Ralliart” to Mitsubishi, you’re stepping into an entirely different league. A blend of speed, design, and precision engineering, the Mitsubishi Ralliart models are a testament to superior automotive craftsmanship. At O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal, we’re thrilled to give you an in-depth look at what makes these models unique.

Where and When Did Ralliart Begin?

When it was conceived in 1984, Ralliart was the Mitsubishi brand’s racing subsidiary. The division focuses on enhancing the performance and aesthetics of existing Mitsubishi models, creating versions designed to leave other cars in the dust. With roots in rally racing, Ralliart celebrates speed and performance built for the everyday driver.

What Sets Ralliart Apart?

The beauty of the Ralliart models lies in their versatility. While most performance cars are best suited for the track, Mitsubishi Ralliart vehicles excel on and off the tarmac. The hallmark of Ralliart is the marriage of raw power with unparalleled control, providing drivers with an unmatched experience, whether they are cruising the streets or maneuvering an off-road trail.

Why is This Important Now?

The Ralliart trim fell out of use for a while, but it’s back on several 2024 Mitsubishi models. Mitsubishi executive John Signoriello recently stated, “There is no doubt we need to do it properly. Ralliart is a very proud name, it’s a very strong name, and we need to do it justice.” The result is models with distinct styling and performance, bringing a storied name to a new audience.

Driving Into the Future

If you think you know the Mitsubishi brand, Ralliart will upend your expectations. O’Brien Mitsubishi of Normal is a great place to explore your options when you seek quality vehicles. Stop by today to compare Mitsubishi models and take a test drive!

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